Malcolm gladwell the strange tale of the norden bombsight

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Malcolm Gladwell: When technology fails

malcolm gladwell the strange tale of the norden bombsight

Norden bombsight building

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The Norden Bombsight sits on display outside of the Malmstrom Museum during the donation ceremony Aug. Air Force photo. Skip to main content Press Enter. Home News Display. The bombsight, developed by Carl Norden, a Swiss engineer, was used by the U.

Thank you. It's a real pleasure to be here. I talked about spaghetti sauce. And so many people, I guess, watch those videos. People have been coming up to me ever since to ask me questions about spaghetti sauce, which is a wonderful thing in the short term — Laughter but it's proven to be less than ideal over seven years.

As with most things Gladwell a deep story with surprises and twists and all masterfully delivered with passion. Nate Cooper - Read Bio Blogging here since Check it out on Amazon.
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His TED talk from July , posted in October, is a masterpiece of the storytelling art, and it is delivered well. This is a talk that any speaker can learn from. OK, what is it that Gladwell does so brilliantly? First, Gladwell grabs our interest with the high stakes of the story. The best stories are matters of life and death.

The enigma of the Norden Bombsight

Malcolm Gladwell: The strange tale of the Norden bombsight

Speakers Worth Catching 5: Malcolm Gladwell and the Norden Bombsight

Speaking Friday on the last day of the TED Global conference, Gladwell said the device, designed by engineer Carl Norden, indeed could allow bombers to hit their targets -- but only under perfect conditions, such as a cloudless sky. In the real world, the sight often failed to find its mark. He posed the question: Why do people place so much faith in technology such as the Norden bombsight to solve problems? Today, the U. Yet Gladwell argued that drones aren't necessarily accomplishing more than the flawed World War II-era bombsight; he said suicide attacks against Western targets have increased.

In his latest TED Talk, Malcolm Gladwell tells The Strange Tale of the Norden Bombsight , where the US Government spent billions on a technology that didn't solve the real problems of the people using it bombers had huge accuracy with the machine but this was rendered useless by clouds , and was used for solving problems that didn't exist, too perfect sighting on a nuclear bomb is not an essential. Basically, we see governments and institutions continually inventing sights that can finding the pear barrel 20, feet below, even though we don't need it. We continually seek solutions to the wrong problems, at great expense, and build things we, and the users of the things, don't need. And finally, we have developed a strong capacity for building success around the wrong metrics to justify our bold, but wrong, decisions. What would happen if, instead of creating this generation of problem solvers, people who can solve imaginery theoretical pseudo problems really well, we helped carve out a generation of curious continual learners who want to find the next great genuine problem that needs solving?





Malcolm Gladwell: Ted The strange tale of the Norden bombsight




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