The life she was given

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Book Review: The Life She was Given by Ellen Marie Wiseman

the life she was given

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The novel is about two young women, with two different stories, during two different time periods. Their stories are expertly woven together by terrible grief and heartache, yet both have a beautiful love for life and animals. The novel begins in the 's where we meet a girl named Lilly who has been locked in the attic for her first 10 years of life and is soon sold to the circus by her mother because she was "different" or a monster, an abomination as her mother referred to her. The second story within is about Julia, in the 's, who left her cruel parents at 19, being blamed by her mother for her father's death. After inheriting the family home, Julia is desperately seeking to solve the mystery of the connection of a strange circus performer to her father.

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The circus becomes both a refuge for Depression-era misfits and a site for additional cruelty. A sumptuous plot balances horror and tenderness to reveal lesser-known facets of history. In the s, Julia, a runaway teen, inherits the family manor and horse farm, where she uncovers lies about her past. Coralline Blackwood is an exacting matriarch who wields the Bible as a weapon. When she decides to get rid of Lilly, whose albinism she calls an abomination, the effect of her fury is manifest in characters who must learn to forget her influence.

The Life She Was Given

This is the reasoning behind why I got this book to begin with., Ellen Marie Wiseman. The Life She Was Given , is a dark, brutal portrayal of family life, with a few glimmers of hope shining through when the reader least expects it.



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