Why are capricorns so freaky

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why are capricorns so freaky

The 5 Biggest Freaks of the Zodiac [No Shame In Their Game!]

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Honor yourself and your emotions. There is a strained energy to this Moon. Anything that comes up now is an opportunity to build a new plan. Create a better boundary or structure for the future. The Moon is full and it lights up everything that needs to be seen.

I once heard in graduate school that many CEOs hire sex workers to dominate and humiliate them. Because when you are in a position of extreme power, your psyche needs to compensate. If the Alpha Male never allows anyone to perceive weakness or vulnerability in him, the stress takes its toll. He needs to totally let go and express the part of himself that wants to be a baby or a slave or what-have-you … a totally helpless human being. Power dynamics are often eroticized. Doctor-patient, boss-employee … the crossing of a boundary can be a turn-on.

What you need to know is that — as the star sign least likely to kiss and tell — your bedroom secrets and your reputation are normally quite safe in the hands of a Capricorn. Contrary to our no-nonsense exterior, we tend to let go in the bedroom and drop our cutthroat determination. As creatures of habit, we like it when things to go our way… but we like it even more when our sex partners get a little creative. So please, throw us off guard! Being told to hurry up is such a huge turn-off for Capricorns.

As a Capricorn, you are sensitive and sensual in bed. You tend to see sex as another task to be completed to the best of your ability -- which means you are always willing to put in the time and effort needed to satisfy your partner! Like the Goat, Capricorns are very horny and once you've overcome your personal reservations , you can be one of the most enthusiastic lovers of the zodiac. This strong and brave yet unwieldy person goes head-first into just about every situation, and that will include sex. Aries will take care of the rest.

Have you wondered how freaky you really are in the bedroom? Well now you have a chance to figure out exactly where you fall on the spectrum of freakiness based on your zodiac sign! Share with your friends to see what they get too! Instead they rather keep to themselves and just have the friends they have in their life. Geminis are only a 2 on the scale of how freaky they are! They usually want to feel loved and to give their love to everyone around them, they are one of the most caring signs in a very unselfish way.

The Brutal Truths of Dating a Capricorn

Signs You’re A Capricorn

Capricorns in bed tend to be a bit headstrong: They like to be in charge, in bed and elsewhere. Whether you're a Cap or you're romancing one, if you're wondering what you need to know about sex, like the best sex position for Capricorns , look no further: Suzie Kerr Wright has a mouthful to say on this subject. Very possibly a kinky treat: Whether a little BDSM comes into play, or just some rough-and-tumble action, the combination is tops.




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