What is a moderate pace on a stationary bike

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How Long Should I Ride An Exercise Bike?

what is a moderate pace on a stationary bike

There's no doubt that using a stationary bicycle can help you get in shape, lose weight and even build muscle. When it comes to the speed at which you should.

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Home Recent Discussions Search. Hello Everyone! I'm really not sure how I should log my workout on the recumbent stationary bike, moderate or vigorous? I am covered in sweat by the time I'm done, and I wouldn't be able to read or hold conversation while doing it. I currently do the preset fat burning program at a level 5 so it goes from a level 5 resistance to a level 3 and back again every 2 minutes.

The stationary cycle may not be the most popular kid on the gym floor, but it can be a good buddy if your goal is to do a cardio workout. You can adjust the intensity of your workout to meet your fitness needs, which means beginners and gym rats can both get a solid session. If your intention is to stimulate a big calorie burn, you can achieve that too on a stationary cycle, but you'll have to pedal intensely for the full 30 minutes to make it as effective as other cardio activities. Calories burned while using a stationary bike vary based on body weight, length of the workout and your level of intensity. A pound person burns approximately calories per half hour pedaling at a light intensity on the stationary bike, while a moderate intensity sizzles

Nicole Vulcan has been a journalist since , covering parenting and fitness for The Oregonian, careers for CareerAddict, and travel, gardening and fitness for Black Hills Woman and other publications. She's also a lifelong athlete and is pursuing certification as a personal trainer. There's no doubt that using a stationary bicycle can help you get in shape, lose weight and even build muscle. When it comes to the speed at which you should be riding, though, that's all going to depend on your level of fitness and how hard you're willing to work. In other words, don't compare speeds with other people who may be using the same brand of bike; this is your fitness journey, and the only person you need to compete against is yourself. When you work out, you want to make sure you're exercising at an intensity that will produce results.

Riding on a stationary bike for 20 minutes a day, four times a week, is not Americans recommends that adults exercise at a moderate intensity.
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The WHO recommends exercising for 1 hour 15 minutes throughout the week. Physical exercise has positive effects on your heart and lungs, increases your life expectancy, improves your intellectual abilities, lowers the risk of Alzheimer's and could even make you Ideally you should have a physical activity, such as training on an exercise bike, 2 or 3 times per week between 30 and 40 minutes each time and get the most of the positive effects of exercising. The seat. Adjust it according to the height of your hips. Most upright exercise bikes have an adjustable seat this is not the same position on a recumbent bike. Position on the bike.

Whether you already own one or are considering buying an exercise bike, one question you may be asking is "how long should I ride? The answer depends on your aim of achievement. An exercise bike is excellent for home workouts. However, many may think that to achieve the same results as you would on a treadmill, you'd have to spend more time. Although this may be true, depending on your efforts, an exercise bike can keep you going for longer.

How Fast Should I Ride a Stationary Bike?







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  1. List of calories burned cycling or bicycling or riding a stationary bike from NutriStrategy. Cycling, mph, moderate. Cycling, 14

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