What is the longest mlb game

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Five Longest Games in MLB History

what is the longest mlb game

MLB's Longest Games EVER! (HD)

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One of the many great things about baseball is that time can never run out. In baseball, a comeback is always possible. The game's not over until you get the 27th out -- or, sometimes, a lot more than that. Extra-inning games are nothing unusual in Major League Baseball, of. Extra-inning games are nothing unusual in Major League Baseball, of course. But some games in MLB history have truly gone to the extreme.

After the top of the first inning, the Red Sox led and it looked like it would be a short night at the ballpark. The BoSox ultimately won the game, but it took 14 innings and ended after midnight! For as long as that game was, it was nothing compared to two games over the weekend.
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Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Max Muncy celebrating his home run that broke a tie in the 18th inning. The game broke several records with its length. Game 3 of the World Series, which saw the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Boston Red Sox by on a Max Muncy walk-off home run, took 18 innings to complete and had a total game time of 7 hours 20 minutes. The game saw a number of records broken in the process:. There were other crazy historical references to go along with the game.

How Does Game 3 Of 2018 World Series Rank Among Longest Games In MLB History?

MLB Longest Inning Games Ever (part 2)

Longest games in MLB history

It lasted 33 innings, with 8 hours and 25 minutes of playing time. Pawtucket won the game, 32. It continued through the night and into Easter morning. Several times, one side neared victory before circumstances changed. When Wade Boggs drove in the tying run in the bottom of the 21st inning after a Rochester run, even the Pawtucket players groaned.

Extra innings is the extension of a baseball or softball game in order to break a tie. Ordinarily, a baseball game consists of nine regulation innings in softball and high school baseball games there are typically seven innings; in Little League Baseball , six , each of which is divided into halves: the visiting team bats first, after which the home team takes its turn at bat. However, if the score remains tied at the end of the regulation number of complete innings, the rules provide that "play shall continue until 1 the visiting team has scored more total runs than the home team at the end of a completed inning; or 2 the home team scores the winning run in an uncompleted inning. The rules of the game, including the batting order , availability of substitute players and pitchers, etc. Managers must display caution to avoid exhausting all their substitute players during regular innings, in case the game reaches extensive extra innings. The rules call for a forfeiture if a team is unable to field a full team of nine players.

Two seasons ago the Chicago Cubs wrapped up the longest game by time in their franchise history, finishing up a inning marathon against the Colorado Rockies that ended in a Cubs victory. Those 16 innings, while they surely felt like an eternity for the players and fans in attendance, do not represent the longest game, by innings, in the hallowed halls of Wrigley Field that honor goes to a inning game between the Cubs and the Dodgers in , a game that was 17 minutes shorter than the six-hour, minute game from For the completists, the longest game by time ever recorded in MLB history also happened in Chicago. This was during a Chicago White Sox victory over the Milwaukee Brewers, a match that lasted for eight hours and six minutes in Pace of play is working.

MLB Longest Inning Games Ever


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