What is the third book in the maximum ride series

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Maximum Ride Series

what is the third book in the maximum ride series

Why I've Outgrown Maximum Ride ??

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Maximum Ride Series. This series has also been adapted as manga. Book 1. The Angel Experiment by James Patterson. Six unforgettable kids — with no families, no hom… More.

The Maximum Ride series is a continuing series, meaning that it is not yet complete. The first book in the series, the " Angel Experiment" introduces Max and her flock, as well as Ari , Jeb , and the Whitecoats. In this book, Max and the Flock are hiding out in the Colarado mountains, until a group of Erasers attacks and kidnaps Angel , forcing the Flock to rescue her. In this book, Max discovers she is supposed to save the world, learning this from the Voice. They break in and find out information on where they come from, and in the escape Max also breaks Ari's neck, killing him. Max then decides that their next move is to fly to Washington D. The second book in the series, " Schools Out.

Saving the World

In the third book of the Maximum Ride series, Max and her flock are faced with the task of saving the world from a massive company called Itex, and its leader known as the Director. They plan on cutting the world's population in half, and have already terminated a majority of their recombinant life forms.

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