Things to do in newark

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100 things to do in Newark? Here are 12 of the best picks

things to do in newark

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Newark, New Jersey

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Itinerary Planner. Activity preferences optional. Hidden gems. Historic sites. Popular things to do in Newark-on-Trent.

Best of all, many are equally appealing across the age spectrum. Music performances draw people in addition to those attending Catholic Masses and other religious observances. The completely renovated park now buzzes with energy and activities ranging from live music and movies, to yoga and Zumba classes, ping pong and chess. There are lots of comfortable places to just sit back, relax and enjoy the scene. You can get an authentic Old World experience in Newark for nothing more than the price of gas and tolls, or a bus or train ticket. A stroll down Ferry Street in the Ironbound District will transport you across the ocean in the blink of an eye.

More so, what would be your response? Newark is probably one of the most unexpected locales to be considered a travel destination. The veil is slowly being lifted on a renaissance movement that has been decades in the making. Perhaps more evident to the casual observer is the mass exodus of creatives, entrepreneurs, and cultural enthusiasts who have taken flight from the surrounding suburbs and metropolitan areas to become a part of Newark—a city whose beauty has remained hidden to the unfamiliar and uncurious eye. The rising cost of New York City living, the staggering increase of land taxes in desirable suburbs like South Orange, Maplewood, or Montclair, and the simple quest to find the next burgeoning metropolis are among the factors current transplants attribute to their migration. One, Lida Clanton Broner, used her entire life savings in to travel to South Africa, eventually collecting items over her nine-month stay that she later donated to the museum. The current exhibition at each space will leave you in a sense of deep contemplation, especially in these trying times.

22 Best Things to Do in Newark, New Jersey

?? Walking Tour of Downtown Newark, New Jersey - Market Street, Broad Street, & Raymond Boulevard




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