Is diddy kong donkey kongs son

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List of Donkey Kong characters

is diddy kong donkey kongs son

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Meet the Kongs: Diddy Kong Nintendo Switch


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Donkey Kong Jr. For the game Donkey Kong Jr. He may have slight dwarfism and be a bit on the chubby side but DK JR. As a traditionally reactive hero, Jr. His first appearance was in the game Donkey Kong Jr.

This is to signify the actual publisher of the DK series. He is also a recurring racer in the Mario Kart Series. In the Super Smash Bros. Series, Diddy Kong was given realistic monkey screeches, instead of the respective voice actors from the Donkey Kong main series, where Diddy Kong was given a cartoonish voice. Wanting to humor his overly-eager nephew, Donkey told the inexperienced Diddy to guard their huge Banana Hoard until midnight. Unfortunately, when Donkey Kong assigned this duty to Diddy, he didn't expect the Kremling Krew to attack. The next morning, Donkey awoke and, realizing Diddy and their bananas were missing, he found and released Diddy and the two set off to reclaim them and drive the Kremlings off of Donkey Kong Island.

He is a young monkey who lives on Donkey Kong Island in the Kongo Jungle, and is identified by his red hat with the Nintendo logo on it, and his red shirt with stars on it. Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong 's sidekick, best friend, and is described as his "nephew wannabe" in the Donkey Kong 64 manual [1]. He has a girlfriend named Dixie Kong. Through his relationship with Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong has become a prominent character in the Mario franchise. He has also become a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. Since appearing in Donkey Kong Country , Diddy has received mostly positive reception, one strong enough to create a fan following, resulting in Diddy getting his own spin-off.

Candy Kong is Donkey Kong's girlfriend. She provides various services for the Kongs throughout the different games. She first appeared in Donkey Kong Country and allowed the player to save their game. In other versions, she acts as a manager of mini-games, and ran a dance studio minigame. In Donkey Kong Country , she wore a pink bow with white polka-dots and a pink maillot. In later games she appears in from scratch, she ditched the bow.

Diddy Kong

This page lists the major characters from the Donkey Kong franchise. For minor characters, most of whom are exclusive to single games, please refer to external wikis dedicated to the franchise. Kongs [1] are a race of apes that live on the Donkey Kong Island.

The Donkey Kong Relationship Surprise Index

Kongs are sapient primates that make up much of the cast of the Donkey Kong franchise, with the eponymous character himself being one. They are capable of things such as speech and building houses, and typically wear clothing, though the amount varies drastically with the individual, with Donkey Kong himself only wearing a tie, while many others wear full outfits. They seem to be native to Donkey Kong Island , and share an animosity with much of the crocodilian Kremling race. While most of them share the surname "Kong," they are not all directly related to one another. Kongs can resemble any number of real-life primates, with Donkey Kong , Funky Kong , and several others being gorillas, Diddy Kong being a monkey, Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong being chimpanzees, and Lanky Kong being an orangutan. In the Donkey Kong Country cartoon, they are never referred to as "Kongs" outside of their individual names.



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