Pranks to do over text

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14 Incredible Texting Pranks You'll Want To Pass Off As Your Own

pranks to do over text

With a few seconds and some pre-planning, you can become the master of text message pranks that you've always dreamed of being. Here are.

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Love it or hate it, April Fools' Day is almost here. People will inevitably pull elaborate pranks on people they genuinely like that will go either medium-well or terribly. I'm not an April Fools' enthusiast. Can you tell? A successful prank typically requires some acting skills. You don't need to go full Meryl, but it is hard for most of us plebes not to smirk thinking about that fake cockroach we put in the shower.

You might be pretty good at getting a rise out of a mate via text every now and then, but these people take it to the next level. Watch and learn.
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Technology Explained. For many of us, our iPhone is the hub of a digital life and contains important information like pictures, text messages, and much more. When conversing with Siri, the voice assistant will call you by name. Read More , composing a text message, or ordering a pizza. All you need to do is ask. Just hold down the Home button, or Side button on the right side of the iPhone X and later, to activate Siri. You can even have fun with friends from thousands of miles away using iMessage.

Have you ever imagined to prank your friends by Lock Screen , Prank call, Prank chat? Prank text message allow you to create fake lock screen for entertainment purpose. By few click create a fake lock screen prank show it to your friends. If YES, then this app is perfect for you!!! Like Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian! I love it.

You might be pretty good at getting a rise out of a mate via text every now and then, but these people take it to the next level. Watch and learn. Source: Imgur. Source: Tumblr. Source: Bgr. You can obtain a copy of the Code, or contact the Council, at www. Please note that TheJournal.

7 texts pranks that took things to another level

Everyone has a phone on them, which means lucky for you, everyone is susceptible to a classic text message prank. The art of pranking has seen a lot of growth with the rise of technology but the days of prank phone calls or farting noise apps are already long gone. Sorry to break it to you, but the same old jokes aren't going to cut it anymore. These days, texting pranks requires a subtle cunningness to throw your target off guard. You don't have to resort to digitally cloning yourself to expertly prank someone.


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