Follow risky reels treasure map

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How to solve Fortnite Season 5's Risky Reels treasure map challenge

follow risky reels treasure map

SEASON 5 TREASURE! - Follow The Treasure Map Found In Risky Reels! - Lazy Links + Paradise Palms!

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Fortnite Season 5 is underway, and the first batch of challenges for players to undertake works a lot like it has in the past. There are, however, some changes to how things work. Challenges are split into two sections for Season 5: Free and Battle Pass. The former is made up of three challenges, while those who purchase the Battle Pass will have access to seven in total--including one that asks you to follow the treasure map found in Risky Reels. Here's where to find that, and complete everything else.

A s we move into the first week of season 5, Epic has shown us an unwavering commitment to the treasure hunting tradition Fortnite enjoys. Nothing seems to have changed with the challenge in its transition to season 5; opening with the map version as opposed to the landmark version of the challenge this week. It will have a picture of the treasure location marked on the map as well as a picture of the treasure itself. For those interested in the whole process or only want a partial answer revealed to them , read on. There is a small garbage disposal area in the northeastern corner of Risky Reels. The map is located in this small section next to two large dumpsters. The map illustrates a large tunnel with the treasure buried atop it.

Despite all of the map changes that were introduced with Fortnite Season 5, there is one thing that has remained mostly the same across each season of Fortnite: treasure hunt challenges. In the first week of Battle Pass challenges for Fortnite Season 5, one of the challenges unsurprisingly tasks players with following a treasure map found in Risky Reels to discover hidden treasure. We found the Risky Reels treasure map in the northeast corner of the yard in a small fenced off area by the dumpsters. The map found in Risky Reels depicts what appears to be a large tunnel. If you are a seasoned Fortnite player, then the first place you probably thought of was the huge tunnel in the hill just south of Tomato Town. If so, you are correct. Just make your way toward Tomato Town and head south.

Fortnite's Risky Reels Guide: Where Is The Treasure Map? (Season 5, Week 1 Challenges)

"Follow the Treasure map found in Risky Reels" season 5 Week 1 Challenges!

Fortnite: Battle Royale's Risky Reels Treasure Map: Where To Find The Treasure

Last season had players searching high and low for treasure all over the map every single week and those challenges have returned with season five. Check it out on the map below, marked in red. Head to the Tomato Town end rather than the Dusty Divot end and climb on top of the entrance. The treasure can be found right up there. You only have to find seven to complete the challenge so check out our full guide here. Other challenges involve searching a llama, searching chests in Snobby Shores and eliminating opponents in Retail Row.

Finding the Risky Reels treasure map location is the objective of one of Fortnite's many Weekly Challenges. Completing it will give you additional XP to help go towards your many Season 5 rewards. Note you'll need to be a Battle Pass holder in order to undertake this challenge. Note this particular challenge is no longer able to be completed. For the Week 1 Challenges , you are tasked with the following:. Another this week are Lightning Bolt locations. Risky Reels hides a map that paves the way to a hidden treasure.

Here's where we tell you how to follow the treasure map found in Risky Reels. Your reward for doing so will be 5 shiny Battle Stars to boost your Fortnite tiers. Obviously you could go and finds the treasure map in Risky Reels first, buuut we all know you're going to skip that bit because you don't need to. Let's just cut to the chase and get those stars. The stars can be found on the bridge that runs under the mountain next to Tomato Town.

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