John anthony west magical egypt

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john anthony west magical egypt

With Derek Partridge, John Anthony West, Lon Milo DuQuette, Michael S. Schneider. Growing evidence is suggesting a missing chapter in human history.

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We are going to do a rebroadcast of Magical Egypt in honor of John Anthony West who recently passed away on February 6th. He is the one who inspired this series. Follow: Magical Egypt. Follow: Conspiracy TV. Follow: The Tech Anarchist.

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There is another side of Egypt that is not so widely known. Egypt is also the land of secrets. Another history, a secret history, tells of Egypt as the inheritor of deep wisdom and magical ability from an even earlier culture. It is the account of the Egyptians themselves. This alternate history is echoed by parallel accounts from the myth and history of other ancient cultures, as well as myriad secret societies and occult sources.

Sign in. The two-time Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo has an awards-worthy list of must-see shows. See if you're caught up on his picks. Watch now. The Pyramid Code is a documentary series of 5 episodes that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt as well as ancient megalithic sites around the world looking for clues Graham Hancock is a bestselling author and journalist who specializes in ancient civilizations.

John Anthony West

The appreciation this guy John Anthony West had for what the Egyptians did was off the charts. He was so deeply engaged with it. The series, staring John Anthony West changed me.

Magical Egypt

John Anthony West July 9, February 6, was an American author, lecturer, guide and a proponent of the Sphinx water erosion hypothesis. He received a Hugo Award Honorable Mention in In , his work with geologist Robert M. West suggested that the Sphinx may be more than twice as old as originally determined, whereas Schoch made a more conservative determination of between and BCE. West's writing career spanned two periods.






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  1. Magical Egypt Series on Ancient Egypt featuring John Anthony West, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and many more!.

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