Dual monitor screensaver windows 10

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Screensaver Does Not Work In Windows 10 with Dual Monitors

dual monitor screensaver windows 10

Easily Get Different Backgrounds On Windows 10 Dual Monitor Setup - Guiding Tech

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If you have a dual-monitor configuration, you can set up a screensaver to move across both monitors, or duplicate on both. If your office computers have dual video cards, or a single card with dual ports, you can take advantage dual-monitor displays, an excellent way to increase productivity. In personalizing your displays, you may have an official company screensaver which you want to display across both monitors, or one that you want duplicated on both. If you want a duplicated screensaver, you must also set your desktop to duplicate on both monitors. If you want one screensaver to extend across both monitors, you must set up your displays to extend. The screensaver will come on automatically after the computer has been idle for that period of time.

I have clean installed of Windows 10 Pro on my computer. For security reasons, I enable the screensaver feature to lock the screen and it works with one monitor after an unattended time period. If I disconnect one, I still could not get the screensaver. How can I resolve the problem? There are many issue with Screen saver when you configure it on multiple monitor in Windows 10 system.


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  1. Do not tell me to go "Right-click Personnalize", as there is not "Screen Saver" to be clicked at the bottom right of the window.

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